The first appointment for any new episode of treatment will be up to 1 hour long, so that the physiotherapist can fully assess your condition, discuss their findings with you and determine a treatment plan, and then commence your treatment program. Any subsequent sessions will normally be half an hour in length.
Some conditions required treatment sessions for up to an hour regularly.

Physiotherapy Charges;
Assessment £50
Follow Up (1 hour) £50
Follow Up (half hour) £34

Allied Professional Charges
Acupuncture Assessment and treatment session – £50.00
Acupuncture Follow up £34.00
Hot Flush Clinic £10.00
Hypnotherapy £60.00
30 minute massage £25.00
Neal Yard’s Treatment £55.00
Face the World £45.00
Reflexology £34.00
Reiki £34.00
Indian Head Massage £25.00
One hour Massage £45.00
Bacial £35.00

Unable to Attend?
Clients are asked to inform us of any inability to attend an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment time. Failure to inform us within this time-frame can result in a charge which is equivalent to the cost of the treatment session that was booked.

If you wish to come through an Insurance Company, please contact us to discuss this with us.  Equipment purchased as part of the treatment and any charges for failure to attend a booked appointment will not be covered by your insurance provider and will need be paid by the client.


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