Manual Handling Training

All companies who have 5 or more employees must attend regular manual handling training (Manual Handling Regulation 1992). Health Fusion has a qualified manual handling trainer, who has been providing training in the region for over 14 years. We have a wide experience in working in business settings such as care homes and agencies, call centres, children’s nurseries and supermarkets. Our clients include the Wensleydale Creamery, Access to Work and Jet 2.
Shona Eyre is our main manual handling trainer. Shona developed the Postural Analysis Tool in conjunction with Ann Drinkwater and Jan Spencer in 2006, the research for which was published in The Column. She has also published Object Handling Training and People Handling Training Books. Shona is a member of National Back Exchange – the organisation which regulates manual handling training in the UK.
We can provide testimonials from highly satisfied clients. Our feedback audit indicates 95% of our attendees would rebook with us, and 97% were more confident in their manual handling techniques following attending the course.
“The trainer presented the information in a fun and interesting way”
“I learnt more today than I expected – really useful”
All our training objectives are individually designed for your business. There are a core list of objectives but we strive to adapt to improve local relevance. This helps engage trainees and they remember more of the training session because it is relevant to them. Strong emphasis is placed on practical skills and use of core principles to adapt techniques to individual workplaces.
If you have a large number of employees requiring training this is usually best offered on site at your place of work where we will tailor the training to your specific workplace needs. If it is more difficult to free large numbers of staff at one time to attend, they can join one of our training sessions held at our premises in Masham.

Core Objectives for Manual Handling Training;

  1. Spinal Mechanics and Function.
  2. Importance of Back care and Posture
  3. Current Relevant Legislation
  4. How to carry out a Risk Assessment of a manual handling task
  5. Importance of Ergonomic Approach
  6. Principles of Safer Handling
  7. Problem Solving and Handling Strategies
Sessions include both theory and practical, and participants will be given a course book to reference after the course. We offer manual handling training for object handling, people handling and train the trainer updates.

Price list

Contact Claire at Masham Health Fusion regarding your training requirements and we can discuss prices.