Occupational Health

We can offer an objective, independent occupational health service for companies who need to outsource. We advise on return to work, detailed risk assessments, display screen equipment assessments and one to one occupational health needs.

Our services include:

  1. Risk Assessment Training: Many companies fail to realise their responsibility to carry-out specific manual handling risk assessments as part of the Manual Handling Operation Regulations(1992),as opposed to just carrying out a risk assessment. These regulations have recently been revised and we are able to offer training for key staff involved in carrying out risk assessments.
  1. Reporting Incidents and Accidents: In addition to the above information we like to be able to reference your own policies, and ask for copies of these to be forwarded prior to training. If you do not already have your own policies or documentation relating to risk assessment of manual handling we also offer an advisory service to help you to establish these.
  1. Display Screen Equipment Assessments: Display screen assessments are required for all staff classed as regular users under the Health and Safety at Work Act. A regular user would be a staff member who uses the computer for more than one hour at any one time. Staff are required to be assessed on first commencing employment, and also re do the assessment if they move to another area or the environment significantly changes.
    We are able to complete a Display Screen Assessment for any individuals that require it. Each assessment is accompanied by a recommendation report for line managers. If staff have pre-existing conditions we are able to advise employers in work systems to accommodate these employees. Should you have a lot of users in the business it may be pertinent to have a DSE assessor within your staff, and we run a one day DSE Assessor course which enables assessors to carry out assessments within the area of work and make standard recommendations or changes. Staff are trained in basic DSE set up and guided into actions to prevent postural related and repetitive strain injuries. Assessment of complex needs are not covered by the one day course and would still require specialist assessment. Contact us for further details.
  1. Return to Work – Fit for Work: From 1st January 2015 a benefit in kind tax exemption of up to £500 per year per employee is available for employers spending on medical treatments designed to help the individual get back to work. The treatments can include talking therapies for stress conditions or physiotherapy for physical injuries. To qualify the treatment must be recommended in writing as part of an occupational health assessment. Here at Health Fusion we are able to offer an occupational health assessment and advisory service for employers where staff need to return to work from a period of sickness. We analyse job requirements and assess the individual’s ability to return to the work environment. Return to work can often be successfully achieved with small environmental or equipment changes, which is more cost effective to the client than a prolonged period of sickness. We can also advise on job redeployment issues if ability to return to the original job is not possible.
If any of these services would be of interest to your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us, when we can discuss your specific requirements.

Price list

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