Physiotherapy can be beneficial at the first sign of a problem and can stop a minor niggle developing into a major problem. Research has proven that people who seek physiotherapy early after an injury have shorter recovery periods than those who wait.

Our team of clinicians are expert in assessing movement patterns and biomechanics and provide appropriate treatments to correct these patterns to minimise risk of further injury and enhance your performance. We use evidenced based treatments which have been proven to be effective. Physiotherapists are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and registered by the Health Professional Council. Staff have enhanced Disbarring Service Checks.

Diagnosis, Treatment, Education and Advice on a wide variety of conditions. Our treatments involve hands on techniques, stretches, exercises, and electrotherapy such as ultrasound.

Our treatments include:

  1. Sports Therapy: Clinicians specifically trained to treat and advice on return to sports. Also specialise in preventative action, enable you to maintain your performance for longer.
  2. Therapeutic Massage: Massage techniques to stretch muscles and connective tissues, improve circulation, and stimulate neural responses.
  3. One to One Pilates: Ideal for those wanting to return to exercise following an injury. Programmes are specifically designed for you and don’t require specialist equipment, so can be practiced easily at home.
  4. Pain Management: Whether acute or chronic our clinicians have the treatment approaches which can help you manage pain. Techniques used will vary depending on conditions. Please enquire for further details.

Price list

Assessment £50
Follow Up (1 Hour) £50
Follow Up (Half Hour) £34